Prepare your company
to grow

Business planning


You have already ideas for the next steps for your company but are these idea’s also creating value for your shareholders?

If that question keeps you awake at night, it is time to start putting your vision and strategy into a multi-year financial plan. We would love to do that together with you.

business planning

Investing for the future

We translate your vision int a financial plan for the coming 5 to 10 years.

Before we do that, we need to get a clear picture on where you stand today: how much cash do you have and how long will that last with current business?

Where do you want to be 5 years from now? What are your objectives? Will your current shareholders stay on board?

business planning

Are you still in the research and development phase or do you plan commercialization in the coming years?

Does your current organization allow you to reach your objectives? Do you need to build new competences? What do you want to do yourself and what should be outsourced?

Building blocks of your business plan


When will we generate sales? Or will we only have R&D costs for the coming years? If we generate sales, we will build a forecast based on best assumptions for price and quantities.


With a focus on the (pre-)clinical development plans, we will map out your costs, also including the evolution of your organization. We will take a close look at potential efficiency gains or other cost reduction opportunities.

Cash flow

We will not only look at your profit or losses but will focus on cash-flow. This will tell us if there is a need for additional financing to realize your plan.

Scenario analysis

There might be different roads to reach your goals. We will put numbers on a couple of scenario’s and help you select the most viable option.

business planning