Is your board-report ready?

Management reporting

Every month you get a set of numbers from your accountant but what is the story behind these numbers? What parameters should you keep on eye on? What information should you present to your Board of Directors?

Budget cycle

Starting from your goals & objectives, we will make a budget for the coming year, together with your team. We will not only determine profit or loss but will also – and primarily – look at cash-flow.

Recurrent reports

On a monthly or quarterly basis, we will report progress towards your goals and objectives for the year. We will set up an efficient financial reporting allowing you to monitor the correct financial information (P&L, Balance Sheet and cash-flow statement). We will also determine which parameters are driving your financial and operational performance. We will involve your organization if needed.

management rapportering
management rapportering

Balanced Scorecard

We combine the reporting on financial and operational parameters into a balanced scorecard. As this will contain both leading and lagging indicators it will allow you to predict your performance a few months ahead.

Custom made

We will map who needs what type of information and if make specific report for example for your Board of Directors or Advisory Council.

Action plans

Based on the reports generated, action plans will be made and will need follow-up. If you want, we can also set up and manage that process for your company.

Tools and Systems

We will take a pragmatic approach. We will use extensively the systems and tools that are already in place (for example our accounting or ERP system). If further automation is needed, we will together decide on the most appropriate tool.