Need a CFO
but not (yet) full-time?


Support and advice

As they are growing, companies will often require financial guidance on a strategic level. That role is typically played by the CFO but it might be a bit too early for having one on board full-time.

Fin2Grow offers the solution: we love to be your CFO on a part-time basis for just a couple of days per month. How many days? We will determine that together. What should the CFO focus on? Also that we will decide together. We love be your sparring partner in all financial matters.

Strategic plan

We translate your vision and strategy into a multi-year financial plan. We determine your financing needs and are happy to assist you in discussions with bankers or financing partners.


Budget cycle

Starting from your strategic plan, we will make, together with your team, a more detailed budget for the upcoming year. We will set objectives both financial and operational and will provide the tools for you to follow up on your progress.

Cash-flow reporting

Cash is king! That is true for every company but even more so for young start-up and scale-up companies in the biotech industry. The cash-burn rate needs permanent monitoring. We make this very transparent in your management reporting so you can react in time and plan adequately.

Management reporting

Your accountant provides you with numbers at each month end. These numbers need to be translated into information that you can use to guide your organization to reach its objectives.

Together we choose the frequency of reporting and tools used to generated the reports that best fits your company.

We also help you in upgrading your reporting to the Board of Directors or Advisory Council.


Investment analysis

Learned about an interesting compound and want to get a license for it? Big pharma wants to take a license on any of your compounds? We will be glad to help you assess the value of the compound so you are well prepared for the negotiations. If wanted, we can also support you during the negotiations.

R&D incentives

Belgium has a number of very attractive tax-incentives for research and development. We can help assessing whether you would qualify and support in preparing the necessary documentation.